Sunday, January 10, 2010

In Harms Way

My husband Alex left for three weeks in Germany this morning. This isn't a pleasure trip; it's work. This is his second three week Germany trip in two months and I really am not particularly happy about it. Seems that we are saying "goodbye" way too often.

This time is worse than the last because according to the news, Frankfurt is pretty much shut down because of weather conditions. It's snowing there and planes are sliding off of the runways because of ice. Damn! It's bad enough that he's gone, but having to worry about his safety at the same time is pretty much a bummer! Of course, he could just be going to Florida and encounter blizzards too. Global warming.

I worried when Alex was deployed to the Middle East for a year too at the start of the Iraq War. Yeah, that was probably even worse than now. I don't worry when he goes to Palmdale, California. The worst that can happen there is that he will go to Hooters. I asked him if he had been to Frankfurt Hooters and he said no. I'm not sure if Palmdale even has a Hooters, come to think of it. I had to laugh when I asked Alex about Hooters in Germany and he said "Oh I haven't been to Hooters in ages". Say what? Repeat that please. I know damn good and well that in the 20 plus years we have been married, he has never said one word before about going to Hooters! He's a sly one.

Because the limo was picking Alex up at 6 AM, we got up at 5 AM. Every fiber of my being tells me that is not a good time to get up. I generally stay in bed till 9 AM. I read that most people die early in the morning, and if I were to die, I'd much rather do it in bed than walking across the kitchen floor with a cup of coffee in my hand. Also, it's hard to make good decisions before 9 AM. For example, I have an oven that really needs cleaning. I decided as soon as Alex left to turn on the automatic clean cycle. I forgot that I had a greasy mess in the oven from a culinary adventure from last week. Of course, now smoke is pouring into the kitchen and I can't turn the damn thing off. I'm waiting for the smoke alarm to go off. Then the dogs will go nuts. Shoot, It's not even daylight yet.


  1. He's gone again! Well, that sucks. Try to stay out of trouble and if you can't, have fun.



  2. I'm too old and tired for trouble!

  3. Sorry you're missing your baby. He'll be back before you know it. Seems like you need to stop worrying about his safety and try not to burn down the house :-)

  4. Oh Sylvia you've got that right! He's fine. Probably at Ramstein Hooters as I write this. LOL