Monday, February 28, 2011

At Least Once In A Lifetime

We should all experience snow at least once.

My dogs have been to the ocean, to the desert, to the mountains, to the country and the city many times. But they had never experienced snow.

I'm not a fan of snow, but it's something we should all encounter at least once. There is a cold, crunchy purity to it. It actually looks pretty magical, but of course, that's a facade and it fades to dirty wet stuff eventually.

The illusion of this pristine substance is enough to make it worthwhile to see. We took the dogs up into the mountains about two hours from home last weekend to let them judge for themselves.

I was pretty sure Honey, my older female, would take a look, sniff and want back in the car (something like her owner), but I was very surprised. While she did not opt to wallow in the snow, she did enjoy the texture, the smell, and the taste and the new experience.

Harry, the younger male dog encountered his first experience with snow with abandon and excitement. He dug in it, ate it, and raced around seeing if it was real or a figment of canine imagination!

I was really happy that the pups got to see snow in their lifetime. Everyone should.

I thought about getting out of the car and into it myself, but then decided not to. I've seen snow before and it's cold and crunchy and pure but only for a moment in time.

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