Monday, May 30, 2011

Elephants On A Bridge

An elephant never forgets.

I think I've heard that all my life. My elephants have seen so many things. They were around for my first marriage, the birth of my first child, and all the events that followed in my life.

These elephants cost me an entire paycheck when I was 17 and right out of high school. I found them at an antique shop and fell in love with them. They are carved onyx and have ivory tusks and I was told that they were very old when I bought them.

The children that came into my life, my own and others, broke some of the ivory tusks off while playing with the elephants. I was sorry that happened, but if something must remain untouched, I see no reason to have it. The elephants have a small post on their feet and they can be taken off of the bridge. I see the appeal of touching them.

When I was younger, I didn't realize that elephants must always face the main entry door in a home. If you make sure that you position them that way, the wrong people won't come in. My ignorance cost me dearly.

There was the husband that was a disaster. Then there was the next wrong choice in a partner. Then there was the thief. Then there was the policeman and his handcuff games. I could go on, but I won't.

When I finally realized how the elephants should be placed, my whole life got a lot better. I stopped having the wrong people come into my home.

The man that looked good and had game still called me with his evil but appealing suggestions, but I didn't invite him to come and visit. The neighbor woman who wanted to gossip about other neighbors was kept on the porch. The out-and-out goofballs just stopped knocking at the door.

That's not saying I gave up all of my wicked companions, but I just went to their place instead.

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