Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Delirious, Demented, Or Daffy

Have you ever started telling somebody something and had them look at you in that way that says they have no idea what you are talking about?

I've been sick. I'm taking Cipro (an antibiotic), Sudafed (an antihistamine) , Aspirin, cough syrup, and a nasal spray. (My preference is really for other more user-friendly drugs, maybe even the kind that can be smoked or made into brownies.) My temperature rose to 103 degrees yesterday. I felt really bad with a sinus headache, aches and pains all over, and a head full of cobwebs and worse. It felt like I had fractured almost every rib I have with the violence of the hacking cough that had developed. Most of my day was in and out of a conscious state.

Something really fascinating happened. I closed my eyes and realized I could open my eyes keeping my eyelids shut and see through my eyelids. That really was not the interesting part though. The interesting part was that I could watch television this way without even turning on a television. In fact, I was in a room without a television.

I watched a martial arts movie, a shoot 'em up, and then a soap opera that sort of bored me. At the time, it seemed a little strange but I learned I could switch channels by merely opening my eyelids alone with my eyes. I did not recognize any of the actors or shows that I was watching. Another strange thing is that some of the shows were in color, and others were in black and white.

Now, I may have been asleep, but I really don't think so because I was very aware that this was strange. I was also really sort of excited that this might be a result of drug interaction or the actual malady that had laid me low. Think of the advantages. No more hardware.

When I told my husband, he said I needed to go to the doctor. I said my doctor has ordered me antibiotics. What else can he do?

Alex responded, "Not that kind of doctor, Sweet Pea."


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