Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Queries Of A Simple Mexican Woman

Now, I am the first to admit that I am not the brightest bulb in the tulip patch, but several things have been on my mind for a while now and I want to see if you guys can help me understand them.

Arizona Immigration Law

Do I have this right? Anyone can be questioned at any time and asked to produce documentation showing that you are in this country legally. I'm confused. I looked on my Driver's License and on Alex's. There is nothing that states we are here legally. In fact, the only paper work I possess that indicates that I was born in the US is my birth certificate. (Oh, and my passport too would indicate the country of citizenship.) I have a library card but it does not indicate I am a legal resident. If I go to Arizona, should I carry my birth certificate and/or my passport with me? Should Alex?

What would make one be suspected of being an illegal alien? Would it have to do with the clothing you wear? Would the type of car you drive tip them off? Would a foreign accent give you away?

Since Arizona has a large Hispanic population, (as well as a large Native American population), it may be as simple as just questioning the brown people to see if they can provide proper documentation. It might be simpler yet if the State of Arizona issued "Yellow Star Armbands" for the legal resident brown people to wear at all times when they are outside of their homes.

This way the police would have an easier time identifying brown people without the armbands and questioning them, rather than taking up everyone's time questioning all the brown people.

Now, I have several good friends in the wonderful country of Canada. Should you visit Arizona, perhaps it would be wise to carry your identification papers with you at all times. The Arizona police may note that you are dressed more impeccably than the native Arizonians and want to question you. Somehow, I doubt very much that this will be a major issue for you though.

Every time Alex and I have driven to Arizona to visit his family, we can usually count to 100 after we cross the border before the Highway Patrol flashes their lights at us. Brown guy driving? Check. Blond hussy in car with him? Check. New BMW? Check. Okay, we are told that our tail light looks like it may be shorting out. Our turn signal was flickering. Funny, by the time we are waylaid for a couple of minutes so we can be checked out via computer in the cop car, all those little auto malfunctions completely quit. It may take a couple of minutes longer now to pull out our birth certificates.

I do understand that Arizona has had problems with drug cartels and violence in the last few years. We do not want people coming into our country illegally. We face a threat of terrorism. In fact, terrorism is a very real threat in America. Ask the people in Oklahoma City.

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