Monday, July 19, 2010

Did You Ever Have One Of Those Days?

This is Winston Bubba. He looks a little tired and out of sorts. I have been feeling that way all day.

Winnie belongs to my daughter and her family. They got him when he was just a pup. He's a good boy but very high strung. I'm a little high strung too.

When he tries to get affectionate, everybody tells him to stop it. When I try to get affectionate, my husband usually tells me to stop it too. Okay, that's not true. I think I'm the one who says stop it.

Harry is nothing like Winston. Harry is not particularly affectionate. Neither am I. It works well for our relationship. Also, Harry does not let his tongue hang out like that because he thinks it's vulgar. I don't do it either for the same reason.

Harry is also kind of moody. I think he looks depressed in this photo. Maybe that's more what I'm feeling.

I think I should go out in the yard and lay on a hose. Maybe it would help to lift my spirits! I'm not sure that worked for Harry though. He's still out there.

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