Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sex Worker, Sniff The Dog, Tattoos

We went to a world premier (well, kind of) of the film "Sniff the Dog" last night at the Auto Body Fine Art Gallery in Alameda. This was a benefit for the Alameda Animal Shelter. The film actually was being premiered after some editing, but who's counting! It's all for a good cause. The movie itself was pretty good, by the way, so if you get invited to another (newly edited) world premier of it, (well, kind of), I'd suggest you go!

I met a very interesting lady who was a self proclaimed "sex worker". Wow! At first she told me she was a hair dresser, but had a side line. Because she acted a little mysterious about the side line, I quipped "Oh, you sell meth too?" and she was slightly offended. She responded that she was a "sex worker".

Since I've never really considered it "work", I was naturally very curious! This gal was in her late 40's and I was intrigued that she made money in this way. She started telling me about her clients and indicated that she was kind of a dominitrix, and explained some of her specialties to me. I told her, "Hey! I could do that! Plus, I like leather and stiletto heels!"

The woman smiled and said "Well, that's a beginning". Alex was not encouraging of my new friendship with the sex worker woman. What is he afraid of? That I'll start being a dominitrix too? Some men would find that, uhm, interesting in a wife! We did exchange email addresses before the evening was over. I really just have such an inquiring mind.

There were two ladies sitting behind me who according to Alex clutched their pearls at the conversation the sex worker and I were having. But, never mind them.

I made another good friend last night. He's a tattoo artist! This dude has ink! I think we make a cute couple sort of. I thought about my girl Nicky when I met him because she has some elegant little tats herself! Also, you may notice my friend holding a plate of cheese! Now this could be coincidence but I don't think so!

The thing is, I'm not opposed to tattoos at all. In fact, I find them kind of fascinating. I met a man many years ago and he was a very religious guy. He had a lot of scripture tattooed on him which I think is a nice idea. If you got bored with him, you would still have something worthwhile to read. This guy was really a trip. On our first (and only) date, he shared with me that he was even tattooed on his, well, private parts.

This was truly a tatted up crowd! The sex worker, the guy, and then my other new friend with the amazing leg tattoos! I'm sorry, but "Ouch!".

I was waiting in the car for Alex when he ran into our local market for some ice this afternoon, when the most amazing young lady ever walked into the store! She was wearing Daisy Dukes, and a lace up little top that left nothing to the imagination. This is the one time I left my iphone on the charger at home. I was actually praying that Alex would take a photo of her because as far as I could see, not one single inch of flesh was without a tattoo. (And I could see a lot of that flesh!) She also had about 20 facial piercings. I was sure Alex would get a photo of her for me. Alas, he did not. Bummer!

And for any of you purists out there, I may not be spelling the "dominitrix" word right! Any suggestions for correction would be appreciated and applauded!

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