Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dawg Tour - Twenty Ten

Alex is on vacation for the next couple of weeks. We are using the days to take Honey and Harry on their Dawg Tour. Most years we go to the Rez. Not this year.

Money is tight and long trips are too hard on Honey. They are hard on Harry too because he can't/won't lie down in a moving car.

We started today. We piled them both in the wagon (the K-9 Cruiser) and took side streets from Alameda to the heart of Berkeley. This trip took about 25 minutes but ran through the heart of Oakland so it was an interesting journey for the pups.

We went to a cafe in Berkeley where we can take our dogs and eat outside. Harry and Honey really loved people watching. Berkeley has quite the wide array of people to watch. Dread locked folks, homeless folks, people heading to the infamous People's Park, and college cuties were all wandering past.

At one point a couple of dogs walked past and Harry and Honey started acting like total fools so Alex took them for a little walk on the lawn next to the restaurant.

They sniffed and really enjoyed the new scenery. Harry's urban ass thought he was in the country. Honey just went along for the ride. We had great burgers, fries, and beer for lunch and shared a little bit with the dogs. That little treat stuff goes a long way toward making them feel like they are on vacation.

We then took them into the area up closer to the University (UC Berkeley). People were congregated all over the streets buying things like tee shirts. I'm not sure why.

The tee shirts did not do anything for me or Alex. We already have tee shirts. Still, Honey and Harry loved seeing all the people out on the street. They sniffed a few and got a few pats. They also had people cross the street to avoid them because some folks think they look scary.

Tomorrow we may come up with a better plan. They like going to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. That really is fun. Neither dog understands the waves, but they like them.

I think we're also going down the coast one day and staying at Pacific Grove one night. Oh, and going up to Mendocino one night too to stay near the ocean and drink wine. Yeah, we could just drink wine at home but that would not be part of the Dawg Tour - Twenty Ten.

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