Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I like a high heeled shoe.

I've been criticized for years because that is all I wear. People have walked up to me on the street and said "Oh you're the lady who always wears high heels!" This is generally followed with "How on earth do you walk in them?"

Actually, I walk just fine in them. In fact, from my lifetime of wearing nothing else, my tendons have shortened and it causes me great pain to walk any distance in a flat shoe.

In the summer, I usually wear more of a "wedge" type sandal, but they are still high heels. Friends sidle up to my husband and ask him in confidence, "Does she really wear those all the time?" Alex assures them that I do.

I wear them to vacuum. I wear them to the grocery store. I wear them to garden. I've climbed ladders in them and I can even run (if I need to) in high heel shoes.

As a (semi) joke, a friend gave me a gift of sensible shoes. She was sure I would learn to love them. Alas, I have not because they are ugly as sin and not comfortable either.

As long as I walk, I fully intend to keep wearing stilettos. In fact, if I can't walk, I will wear them anyway. They are so much prettier than sensible shoes.