Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Am So Fancy!

Now, in two weeks, I can present to you heart shaped ice cubes from my new fancy refrigerator on top of a new black granite countertop.

By that time, I should have the kitchen paint completed, the new oiled bronze pulls and knobs on the cabinets, and the new sink installed.  For that matter, by that time I should have the painting of the exterior of our house completed too.

The painters had scaffolding put up today.  That was nerve wracking.  The painters have sealed my windows from the outside today.  That was nerve wracking too.

I have about ten Mexican house painters working from about 7:30 AM until 6:30 PM.  The job is two weeks behind schedule and if they could work overnight, I think they would.  (This work needs to be done before the rains start.)  This schedule is nerve wracking too.

My inside the house contractor didn't show up today.  Guy is wonderful, but I don't always understand him on the telephone because of his Chinese accent.  I think he told me he would come tomorrow.  I hope he does because having my kitchen "gone" is nerve wracking too. 

I think I broke my little toe when I stubbed it on painting equipment a couple of days ago.  I don't need to tell you how I feel about this development.

Guy is currently painting the kitchen a lovely shade called "Pale Green Tea" made by a company called Mythic Paints.  They are a "green" company, or as Alex calls it "Obama Paint".  I just hope the greenie paint covers as well as the poison paint.

This "Pale Green Tea" is not green paint.  Well, it's actually more yellow than green, but so is "Weak Green Tea" but that wouldn't have the same ring to it, would it?  A girlfriend (interior designer) had recommended that I paint the kitchen "Chai Latte", and I loved the name, but alas, did not love the slightly orangey color.  Now she's upset because I didn't take her advice.  Oh well. 

I find that all the home improvements are giving me anxiety issues.  I hate chaos with a passion.  To calm down, I think I'll go pour some tequila over my heart shaped ice cubes.