Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Own Special Island

Before you go thinking I'm all materialistic and such, let me explain.  Okay, I'm all materialistic and such.

Really I am not.  But the truth is where I used to look at a divine man and think I had to have him, not so much anymore.  Now I probably look at a superb item and think "I will die unless I get that!".  (See, I usually got my man, but somewhere in my brain, I really always knew I would not die if I didn't.)

As part of the kitchen remodel, Alex and I determined that we would need a new kitchen island.  The one we had was "okay" but not special.  I went on-line to Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and various other sites.  Williams Sonoma had this posh island called "Bastille" and after I saw it, I quit even looking.

This island was not like the others.  In the first place, it was really "posh" and I do love posh.  On the down side, it also cost about 500 times more than any kitchen island I had ever even heard of.  (Okay, slight exaggeration, but not much.)  I had to have this island.  Alex looked doubtful at first.  Yes, I whined and cried and pestered and offered exotic personal thrills and treats to him until he gave up and told me "order it!".  Shoot!  He didn't have to say that twice.

I ordered the island on September 12th, being told there was a 6 to 8 week lead time as the islands are individually made.  I was sure we would have it by Thanksgiving.  I was wrong.  Then I was sure we'd have it by Christmas.  Again I was wrong.  New Years maybe!  Uh no.

Patience is not one of my many virtues, actually, I'm not sure I have that many virtues if I really think about it..  I called.  I nagged.  I pestered the service people at Williams Sonoma until I know they tried to avoid picking up the phone if they even suspected it was me.

My posh island finally arrived today in all its glory, and it is pretty glorious.  I plan to spend a lot of time admiring it, polishing it, and even using it.  I know that unlike some old boyfriends I could name (but won't of course), I will not tire of this island after a couple of sessions with it.