Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm A Gucci Girl In A Payless World

My birthday is on Monday.

Now, I'm not saying that I expect gifts from Gucci or Prada.  I realize the economy is not doing that great.  I even realize that we may be looking at a severely cut Defense budget and that our income comes directly from the Defense budget.

But I'll be damned if I think it makes any sense that I have to receive plastic shoes from Payless as a birthday gift.

My husband is crying about the increased taxes.  He's crying about the Defense budget and how it impacts his line of work.

Excuse me?  Ever heard of a paper route, Alex?  Ever heard of mowing neighbor's lawns on weekends?  Ever heard of Grand Theft Auto?  I mean, come on.

I didn't cause the financial situation.  Why should I have to suffer from it?  I never gave out a shaky loan.  I never did a hinky business deal in my life, (okay, there was that one time, but he had it coming).  All I'm saying is stop moaning about finances and understand that I have some standards.

Cheap ass shoes hurt my feet.  Cheap ass shoes wear out really fast.  Cheap ass shoes make your feet smell like pickles (and not the good kind).  I really don't mind a cotton skirt from good old JC Penneys or Sears and Robuck.  I don't mind a cotton tee shirt from the Gap or Old Navy. 

Just please realize that shoes and bags cannot be from Payless.  That's all I'm saying.