Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Ringing After Midnight

Mathew was caught up in another dream.

He had finally identified the woman in his recurring dream.  It was Celeste, the woman he had been "friends" with on line.

Since Mathew had never met Celeste in real life, it seemed strange to him that she had become such an fantasy fixation to him.

Were the photos he had seen of her even really her?  Was she a real person, or someone pretending to be someone else?  Wait, he had telephoned her that one time and she was genuinely a woman.  He had heard her voice.  Still, there was an element of mystery about her. 

It was very late on a Tuesday night and he was in bed with his wife Trish.  The mark on his shoulder that looked like a bite had faded to a dull scratch.  Mathew and Trish were at that point in their 20 plus year marriage where they both slept in pajamas, so hiding the injury had really been no problem.

In his dream, Mathew was back in that suite on the 11th floor of the hotel.  Celeste and he were in bed naked and she was whispering to him in a somewhat raspy voice, telling exactly what she wanted.  Mathew was transfixed by the sound of her whispering voice saying things that he had never heard anyone say before.  Celeste was the most sexual creature he could have dreamed of.  Just listening to her had him aroused again even though they had made love twenty minutes earlier.

As Mathew was moving Celeste on top of him, he heard a loud ringing in his ears.  Fire alarm was the first thing that came into his mind.  The second thing that occurred to him was that if he were to die or get injured in a fire in this hotel room with this woman, he wife would be devastated.  Finally, fighting his way out of sleep, he realized the phone was ringing.

Trish, grabbed the receiver and said "Hello."  Then she looked puzzled and hung up the phone.  Mathew asked her "What was that all about?" and she replied, "I don't know.  It sounded like a woman whispering and then she hung up."

Trish was back asleep within moments.  Mathew tossed and turned the rest of the night but sleep was denied to him.

This is from the prompt "a ringing in the ears" which had stymied me completely until now.  I know I said no more porn, but I lied.  Now check out the other participants at We Work For Cheese.  They may be more honest than me, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Friday, February 14, 2014


I really don't know what the big deal is about aliens.

You may not realize it, but aliens are already here.  For example, my florist, Shirley, is an alien woman.  She claims to be Chinese and has an alien husband and an alien son.

Are you wondering how I know she's an alien?  Okay, the truth is, I asked her and she told me that she is.  People tend to open up to me about things that they don't tell anyone else. 

One thing, I met Shirley when she had a shop right near me when we bought our first house in Alameda, about 20 years ago.  Fine, in 2001, we bought the house we are in now that is about 2 miles away from our first house.  What happens?  Shirley opens a shop about a block away from me.  She's my friend, but I think she just wants to be close to someone who knows the truth and accepts her and her family without prejudice.

You might have noticed that I always have a lot of flowers in my house.  Did you think that was because I have a floral budget that rivals my food budget?  Of course you did, but that's not the case.  Shirley keeps me supplied with bouquets all the time at no real charge, except that I keep my mouth shut about her origins.

Shirley really has nothing to worry about.  She and I have a lot in common.  Surprisingly, there are frequently other aliens in her shop when I drop by to say hello.  Most of them look just like everybody else.

A couple of things sort of surprise me a bit about aliens. Some are Christian and some are not religious at all.  Politically, they are all over the spectrum too.  I've met alien Republicans, alien "Peace and Freedom" party people, and even alien "Tea Party" people.

Maybe I'm naive but they don't worry me a bit.

The writing challenge prompt today was something about "Aliens".  Go over to "We work for Cheese" to see the other entries.  They may have read the prompt more closely than I did.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Where have I been all day?

Don't ask.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Bite

Mathew awoke feeling feverish, sweaty and bruised. 

He was shocked awake while in the middle of an very erotic and strange dream.  Mathew felt comfort when he saw his wife, Trish, lying peacefully beside him still in the arms of slumber.

His limbs felt heavy and he felt as if he had a hangover even if he had not been drinking the night before.  Strange dream, he thought and then some of the dream came back to him.  There was the woman.  There was the hotel room.  There was putting his arms around her as she gazed out the window.  Then there was the way she turned to face him in an embrace.

He remembered her taking his hand and slipping his middle finger into her mouth and sucking gently.  He also remembered that caused him to feel an electric shock through his whole body.

And then nothing.  Did it end there?  What was he missing?  Damn!  What happened to the good part?

Mathew quietly got out of bed, careful not to disturb his wife.  He went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  As he pulled his pajama top off, it stuck to his skin and he thought "what the hell?".  He eased the fabric off of his shoulder and was horrified to see what looked like a bite mark.

His mind raced as he tried to reconstruct his evening.  Dinner with Trish, an hour or so of television and a little bit of time on Facebook (his guilty pleasure).  In bed by 10:30 and asleep by 10:45.  What caused the place on his shoulder?

As he stepped into the steaming hot water and felt it wash over him, a feeling of guilt and shame overwhelmed him.  He remembered flashes of his dream, the woman, the hotel room, the embrace, the woman's sucking mouth.  Mathew felt like crying.  If he could betray Trish so easily in his dream, could it be that much more difficult to betray her in real life?  The answer shamed him but also excited him.

In another City, a woman smiled and thought about tasting the flesh of Mathew's shoulder with just one bite.

The prompt for this little missive was "One Bite".  I hope you enjoyed it but I probably won't do any more "porn" for a while.  To see who else did what else, please check out "We Work For Cheese" for a list of participants.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Succubus

She selected Mathew purposefully.  He was exactly what she wanted.  Mathew was not too old, or too young.  He was intelligent, talented, and compassionate, a good honest and moral man.  In short, he was perfect.

She began her campaign by admiring his talent and becoming one of his many "groupies".  Then she started sharing some personal issues with Mathew and asking for his advice.  When he showed himself to be thoughtful, caring, and somewhat innocent, she began to exhibit some of her insecurities.  Bit by bit, they grew closer as "friends", but by then she was also showing him a flash of herself in photographs from time to time.  The flashes were never too suggestive, just giving him an outline of who she was and letting him fill in the blanks.

Their conversations began to be more flirtatious.  They were playfully sexual in their discussions. As time went on, she became more forward with Mathew, even indicating she would come to him if he wished.  Knowing he was hesitant,  she would then back away a bit and let him think about the possibilities.

Finally, she felt sure that Mathew was ready for her.  She got a flight to his city and booked a reservation for a suite at an airport hotel.  Mathew met her in the cocktail lounge where she was sipping a Bombay Sapphire martini.  He was obviously a bit nervous and he approached her rather shyly.

They embraced as friends do and shared a chaste kiss.  She had dressed carefully for the trip wearing a demure white blouse and knee length black skirt.  Her jewelry and make up were minimal and her fragrance was subtle.  At one point, she took Mathew's hand. squeezed it,  and placed it on her leg about two inches above her knee.  She knew he could feel the garter that held up her sheer black stockings.

They ordered lunch although neither of them was really hungry. After lunch, she invited Mathew back to her suite to admire the view and he again seemed unsure of how to proceed.  This was even better than she expected.  His apprehension was a delight to her!  They took the elevator up to the 11th floor, quietly assessing each other.

Once inside the suite, she walked to the window and commented on how pretty the view looked.  Mathew walked up behind her and stood very close as he put his arms around her looking not at the view but at her.  She smiled to herself and let her body press against him.

Mathew was sure she wanted to have sex with him.  She did not.  What she wanted was his innocence.

As she turned into his embrace, she thought to herself, "Next time, we'll do this when he's awake."

This post is my contribution to Nicky and Mike's 30 Days of Writing Minus 2 with the topic of "Succubus".  Check out the other players listed on "We Work For Cheese".

Monday, February 10, 2014

Zombie Roses

I looked at the three roses that were left from the arrangement I received on January 22nd and realized they were no longer living.

Queer.  They still looked rather fine, or at least they were holding up okay, but there was a slight stink to them now.  And the petals were drooping in places and seemed to have a decayed aura about them.

Usually looking at flowers cheers me, but these were roses that made me want to avoid them.

My mind drifted to last night when I was listening to the audio from the television in the next room.  Alex was watching "The Walking Dead" while I cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.

I have never been able to join Alex in watching this popular series.  Dead things don't appeal to me on any level.  Alex swears it's not really about the zombies, but about the people "dealing" with th zombies.  Hah!  So why do they call it "The Walking Dead"?  Ugh!

I opened the kitchen window and a strong breeze came through.  Within a few seconds, the pretense of life from the roses was gone.  The petals fell to the table leaving the flower stalks naked and dead.

A shot through the head wasn't necessary in this instance, just a breath of fresh air to get rid of the putrid thing.

I scooped up the petals and tossed them out the window.

Please go to We Work For Cheese for more positive takes on the topic of Zombies.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Get Sick Get Well Hang Around the Ink Well

Oddly, that was my favorite Bobby Dylan song when I was a kid.  It may still be.

Oddly, I know exactly what he means with those lyrics.

Oddly, I have been sick, been well, and hung around an ink well.

The End.

This is part of Nicky and Cheesy Mike's writing challenge.  Go to We Work For Cheese for much better posts on the topic of "Dylan".  This is all you will get from this contributor.