Saturday, May 24, 2014

Important Bed Advice!

We spend a lot of time in our bed.  Beds should be wonderful places to be.

I've slept on couches, on carpeted floors, and in the back seat of cars.on bathroom floors, on a towel at the beach in the sand, and in movie theater chairs.

Believe me, none of those places is comfortable compared to a bed.  Many years ago, I realized that buying the best quality bed linens I could possibly afford made sleep (and lolliy-gagging)in bed much more enjoyable.  I love very soft cotton for my linens.  Sheets and pillowcases should feel like they have been washed a hundred times even when they are brand new.

Years ago, I stayed at a hotel that claimed to have "the heavenly bed" and it was very attractive.  There were pillows of all shapes and sizes and it looked very inviting.  Unfortunately, the comfort level was just nowhere near "heavenly".  The bed was okay, but I really wanted "heavenly" (having nothing to do with religion, if you get my drift).

One thing that I have been very remiss about for years is pillows.  It's damned hard to find the "perfect" pillow.  They are either too hard to too soft.  And, to my surprise, even the higher priced pillows are not always any more comfortable than the cheaper pillows.  When I found pillows that were at least tolerable, I tended to keep them for a long time.

When I was changing our sheets I noticed that the pillows I had were old, worn and even stained.  Now that is disgusting!  I decided I would go on a mission to find some "great" new pillows.  I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found a couple of strangely shaped pillows for side sleepers.  They were expensive, but I thought it was worth a shot.

I brought home two pillows and neither my husband nor I could stand them.  They were hard and there was no way one could sleep on them.  (The sales person had told me they were wonderful, but you had to use them the right way.  She didn't explain what the right way was, unfortunately.)  They only way these pillows could be used is as a place for our pet canaries to perch and we don't have canaries.

Yesterday, I found the perfect pillow.  It was $49 (expensive), but oh so worth it.  The pillow is filled with white duck down.  Now what difference white duck down makes, I have no idea.  I wonder if brown duck down would be as perfect but somehow I doubt it.  This pillow makes my head, neck and shoulders feel like I"m floating on a cloud.  I hate to even get out of bed and leave this magical and marvelous pillow.  I let my husband sample it for an hour this morning and he agreed.  Alex thought a $20 pillow would be just fine, so that's what he got.  After sampling my pillow, he had to get a "white duck down" filled, $49 dolla,r pillow for himself too so we went back to the store.

My advice to you is to go get some white ducks and gather their down for a while, or just go spring for the expensive pillows.  You will thank me.