Friday, March 25, 2011

Tea Party

I have always loved a tea party.

My friend Kim has two young daughters. I invited my Kim and the kids to my house for a tea party last summer.

We had scones with strawberry jam, cookies and pretty little egg salad sandwiches. I also had two different kinds of tea, and honey, of course. I set the mood with some nice classical music. The girls, Kim, and I had a ball.

After we had our feast, we had a design competition where my friend took one girl, I took the other and we made them formal dresses out of toilet tissue. The girls also got to use make up and put on as much jewelry as they wanted.

Alex took the "glamor shots" of the girls when they got ready for the judging.

We let Alex choose the winner. (I had prizes for everyone.) Alex chose one dress as the "best design" and the other as the "most flattering".

Both dresses started pretty much falling apart as soon as we put them together. But we had enough tape to keep them modest enough with no major wardrobe malfunctions.

I love boys too, but there is nothing like girls for having a really good time!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Terrible Trials Of The Non-Technical Left-At-Home-Alone Wife

Technology can be a good thing or a bad thing.

We have a big old 60" flat screen HD TV with surround sound, Blue Ray, and a bunch of other things. I really don't know what most of those things are.

When my husband is at home, we watch movies, sports events, and our few favorite shows on this television. It's a fairly comfortable place for a family room.

When my husband is not at home, I go upstairs and turn on the TV and nothing happens. Why is that? Well, there are about 10 remote control devices laying around the room. It usually takes a combination of two to turn the set on. There is a computer attached to the television, disc drives galore, places for DVD's, places for UFO's for all I know.

We have a total of five televisions in our home. Oops, make that six. I forgot the one in the man cave under the house. Except for one very tiny television in the kitchen, I cannot turn any of them on. I don't have a degree in electrical engineering or remote control device management.

When I am home alone because my husband chose to go on a little vacation to see his family in Arizona and I have nothing to entertain myself with, this is the television that I know how to operate. I do have to use a magnifying glass sometimes to see the smaller print on the screen.

I hope my husband is having a fun vacation in sunny Arizona while I sit in my pitiful kitchen and watch this pitiful 10 inch television as rain splashes on the windows.

Well, okay, maybe I should be doing his laundry about now, but my heart just isn't in it. I have a better idea!

I'm going to make him a nice batch of toasted almond scented cookies for when he gets home! And I'll go shop for a nice new black dress. Nothing too fancy. Something appropriate. You know.