Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bedroom Tales

I had a friend named Sarah Cohen when I was in high school.

Sometimes Sarah and I had sleepovers at each others houses.  Since Sarah was an only child, I preferred going to her house, and not being saddled with my three younger siblings.

Sarah and her parents lived in a lovely home in a much more upscale area then my humble abode.  Our sleepovers frequently occurred on Saturday night.  Sarah's mom, Rachel, was a nice lady with blond bouffant hair.  Rachel's  sister, Norma, lived with them and the sisters looked enough alike to be twins, but they weren't.

On Sunday mornings,Sarah and I would go into her parents bedroom to say good morning.  Mr. Cohen, Mrs. Cohen and Norma would all be lying in the same bed, propped up on pillows, reading the NY Times.  All three of them wore reading glasses, but the blond ladies looked really funny side by side in their high necked nightgowns.

I'm guessing this was a bit strange, but it seemed sort of normal after you see it a few times.

When my grandchildren, Cyrus and Arianna, were young they would frequently spend the night with us.  We would put Cy and Ari in between us, and still have room for Mitch (our dog) and Smokey (our cat).  Smokey was the only one who didn't snore.

I spent the night between two sailors years ago when my husband was deployed someplace.  My only television was in our bedroom, and the only comfortable place to watch it was on the bed.  We fell asleep.  One of the men was my husband's best friend and a good friend of mine too.  These sailors understood sleeping with Alex's wife was really not that big a deal.

We had dinner the other night with Traci and Flavia.  Flavia is looking for a job before the start of her Masters Program ,but if she doesn't get one, they may have to come and live with us.  Flavia laughed delightfully as we talked about it and told us that they would bring their king size bed so we can all sleep together with all the pets.  That would be something to see.  Traci and Flavia have 3 dogs, and 2 cats.  Alex and I have two dogs.  That would make 5 dogs and two cats and four people. 

It sort of made me think about the movie "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".  Charlie's whole family slept in one bed I think and there were a bunch of them.