Monday, December 2, 2013

Too Damn Cool For School

Just when I was getting all excited about my remodeled kitchen, I hit a wall.

That's right.  A wall hit me smack in the face.  We had a dinner guest last night and he is about the least picky guy I have ever known.  Nelson used to be my next door neighbor and now he's my bestie!  He is never critical of me or anything I do.  (I love that in a man.)

There are a couple of things queued to be done in the kitchen.  We are waiting for the delivery of my 'POSH" island and for my contractor, Guy, do put in the stove hood and some cabinets around the stove.  No biggie, right

We invited Nelson to dinner last night.  I had home made turkey soup and a salad with a fresh loaf of French bread.  Alex wanted us to eat in the kitchen after Nel helped him move the existing Cost Plus island out into the backyard until we decide what to do with it.

Alex left on a two week trip this morning to the East Coast.  The island is solid wood and weighs about 1 million pounds so I was not about to try and help him move it.  The POSH island is supposed to arrive next week after fabrication in France, Italy or Turkey or somewhere equally POSH. 

Anyhoo, Alex pulled out a "card table" and stuck it in the middle of our now fairly bare kitchen and we had dinner there last night.  It was the ugliest thing I've ever seen.  It still is. Even Nelson looked horrified!

But, I have to have a place to stick things.  I am just resigned to realizing my kitchen is not too cool for school yet.