Thursday, February 9, 2012

Framing Esme And Other Weighty Issues

Now we all know that gal Esme is pretty darn near perfect.

But we probably would be right if we said she worries about her weight. She shouldn't. But she probably does. Esme came to me from Totsy Mae, one of my favorite writers. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She's a Southern girl, and the essence of sweet tea comes right off the page when you read her stories.

Totsy is also a very gifted painter. I contacted her about getting one of her nudes and it had already been sold. Totsy said she had a similar one to the painting I had requested and she sent me a photo of Esme here. What can I say? I fell in love with the girl at first sight! Who wouldn't?

When the painting arrived, I was stunned. The bathroom depicted in this piece of art could have been my own. I have the pedestal sink, the mirrored medicine chest, and the pink towels just like Esme does. It was a piece of art that called my name for a reason.

When the local "frame" guy called and told me that the painting was framed and ready to be picked up, I ran over to get it yesterday. Art, the guy from the shop, said "That is sure a pretty girl!" I agreed.

On my way home, I ran into Pilar's dress shop to take a quick look at what she had and to show her Esme. Pilar thought Esme looked excited because she had lost some weight, and then bemoaned that she wanted to lose some weight too. Now Pilar is a very pretty woman with a lovely shape. I left the store and ran into Kim, a female firefighter, friend and neighbor. I showed Esme's picture to Kim and she said "Poor thing! I know just how she feels!" Kim thought Esme was afraid to look at the scale. Kim is also a beauty with a great shape.

Both Pilar and Kim loved the painting and agreed that Esme is a stone cold beauty! If they can see that in her, why can't they see that in themselves?

These girls aren't skinny. They are perfect.