Monday, January 28, 2013

"Loans For Bad Credit"

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I am getting a ton of "blog" commentary these days.  Many of them look very much like they are written by the same person who sent me the above comment.  I'm sort of thrilled with the attention, because I love attention.  Don't we all?

What confuses me just a bit is what kind of a blog am I being invited to visit.  Who are these people who send me about 25 "comments" a day on my blog?  I'm offered a lot of options.  I can learn to increase my skill at playing poker.  I can find out about "male enhancement therapy".  I can lower my car insurance.

Frankly, I'm sort of fascinated.  Most of the comments are fine if you don't mind that they really have not bothered to read the post.  The comments tell me I have done a wonderful job of explaining a difficult situation.  Or sometimes that I am truly gifted.  (I sort of like that one.) But frequently, they are very quick to invite me to check out their sites.

Now I feel a little guilty because I have never clicked on any of these links.  Does somebody pay these people to peruse blogs and leave comments?  Does anybody ever reciprocate and go to these weirdo sites?  

Okay, I don't really need a loan for bad credit.  And, frankly, I play poker just fine.  The "male enhancement therapy" that most interests me has to do with electrical wiring and even a little painting and plastering expertise.  But that may be just me.

My husband was telling me about a contractor who was held at gunpoint by a woman for 3 days while she forced him to do numerous home repairs for her.  Sadly, I understand where she is coming from.  But I digress.

Who are these people and why do they feel compelled to comment on my posts using the name 'Anonymous'?