Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Arab Boy At The Corner Store

I see him almost every day.

I run into the corner store to buy a coke, bread, a six pack of beer, something.  Jamal always makes it a point to wait on me.  I'm a good customer and I'm friendly.  In return, Jamal is friendly too.

He goes so far as to comment on my appearance in rather flattering terms.  But Jamal usually makes a big deal over my jewelry too.  I'd love to think it's because I'm so damned darling that he seems to favor me.  Alas, I'm not good at self deception.

I dropped by the store yesterday and Jamal stopped stocking shelves and came over to ring up my purchases although another young man was already at the next register.

The two men were bantering back and forth about Jamal's girlfriend.  Jamal responded that he didn't have a girlfriend.  He followed that up by saying "Right now, I'm single."

I said "What a coincidence!  Right now I'm single too!"  Jamal and his friend responded to me with a whoop!  Jamal said to me "You should invite me over to visit you!  We could have a glass of wine."  I then explained that while I would enjoy that tremendously, my husband would disapprove.

Jamal said "I thought you said you were single!"  I replied "I'm only single right now, Jamal.  My husband is on a business trip." 

Jamal rang up my purchases and said "So am I invited?"  I told him "Of course, Jamal. You are always invited."

I felt his eyes on my ruby bracelet as I left the store.