Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dawg Tour - Day Three

No, this is not an exotic location. This is our backyard. We have had enough of exotic locations for a day! We did take Honey and Harry to Coast Guard Island, a small military base 5 minutes from home.

Harry chased the ducks and geese into the water. Honey found a tree to lie down under. At 4 PM on a Friday, the base is empty just about. (Coasties are off by then so nobody gets in the way of two dogs chasing birds into the San Francisco Bay.)

We belong to a wine club and our latest parcel was awaiting us at the local winery. We drove over to pick up our wines and Alex and I thought about doing a little tasting. (We can take the dogs in with us if they are good.) Unfortunately, there was a little poodle in the tasting room already and Harry and Honey consider poodles to be either a strange religious cult or terrorists or maybe both. So we decided to take our wines home and do our own tasting in the back yard.

We also picked up a wonderful fresh baguette from a local bakery. Their bread is the closest thing to Paris I've ever found. We also had some wonderfully spiritual brie and enjoyed that! Honey and Harry also loved the bread and brie. I mean who wouldn't?

Today Alex wants to go to a place called Point Isabella. That sounds lovely, doesn't it. Unfortunately, it's in Richmond, California, and I am pretty sure Richmond is the murder capital of the world. Never mind. We'll go early because everybody knows murderers sleep late.

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