Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dawn and Jack Daniels

Dawn was a sailor girl.

I met her when my son brought her home when he was on leave. She was a pretty girl.

I have no idea if my son and Dawn slept together or not, but I would bet not. Dawn was not really his type.

But she was mine.

Dawn was 21 and had just gotten divorced from a 20 year old Marine. She was so completely without artifice that I adored her almost on sight. Dawn had something I can only call "gumption" and I admire that quality more than almost anything else.

Dawn came back to see me two weeks later and spent the night at our house. She and I drank Jack Daniels and listened to Patsy Cline for hours in our pajamas, talking about life, love, and men who had done us wrong.

When she got ready to leave the next day, I gave her a pair of emerald earrings. I hope she still wears them, and I hope she is happy!

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