Monday, February 14, 2011

The Children's Room

We moved into this 130 year old Victorian house ten years ago.

The upper level is actually converted attic space. When we bought the house, we decided to have the upstairs remodeled a little.

There had been four small bedrooms and an open family room arrangement. We converted one of the bedrooms to a closet for me, and took out a wall between two bedrooms to make a larger bedroom for ourselves.

One little weird shaped bedroom was perfect for "children's room". The room has a slanted peaked ceiling and a charming porthole of a window. There is a toy chest in one corner and a small television with video games. I found an old child's rocking chair buried under the house and cleaned it up and painted it blue. Perfect! Every child who comes into our home makes a beeline for this room.

Keep in mind, ten years ago, my grandson Cyrus was 8, his sister was 4. I still have 2 grandchildren who are younger, Aidan turned 10 yesterday and his sister Abbey is 6.

It makes me sad to think in the future, we may have to re-purpose this charming little room.

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