Monday, March 26, 2012

The Jade Bracelet

He bought it at a jewelry store in Chinatown.

It was his Christmas gift to me. Jade and 22 karat yellow gold, sometimes called "Chinese Gold". Just lovely. He spun a tale to me telling me that jade is for "good luck".

Because he was proud of his purchase, he went on to tell me that the jade was of very high quality. I assumed it probably was.

What I didn't tell him is that I like diamonds and rubies and emeralds. Jade is cold to the touch, dead in color, and not in the least appealing to me.

He fastened the ornate clasp on my wrist and told me how beautiful it looked. I smiled, but the smile did not reach my eyes.

In his way, he was trying to teach me "quiet good taste". Little did he know that this bracelet taught me that I didn't love him or need him to teach me anything.

The next day, I went downtown shopping. Somehow the bracelet caught on something and the clasp opened and dropped to the floor somewhere. I hope the person who found it found good luck from it.

I never told him I lost the bracelet. Our seven year interlude had run its course.

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