Friday, June 8, 2012

Best Friend - Day 8

These guys are best friends.

Harry, the orange guy, is so glad to have Zoe, the black and white girl, to hang out with.

It's good to watch television in Harry's apartment on cool afternoons.  It's good to have someone to chase squirrels with.  It's good to have somebody to cuddle with when you are scared.

Harry had Honey as his best friend before Zoe, but Honey died.  Harry was very sad for a long time.

Zoe seems to know how to make Harry laugh again.  Besides, Harry's not afraid of Zoe.  Honey was very strict about manners.  Zoe is too young to have that many manners.  Honey would growl and bite Harry  if he looked her in the eyes.  That's rude in dog life.  Zoe stares right in his eyes and jumps on him until he chases her.

Sometimes Harry mounts Zoe.  She doesn't mind at all.  Sometimes Zoe mounts Harry and he thinks that's funny.  Nobody in their right mind would have ever tried to mount Honey.  If they did try, they would be dead dogs.  Honey was a little grumpy and she didn't want anyone messing with her.

Zoe is still a puppy and a bit naughty.  Harry knows she's naughty but he likes her anyway.  He never gets in trouble for something bad that Zoe does.  (Zoe really never gets in trouble either because she's too smart to let us catch her doing naughty things.)

I love that they are so happy with each others company!  I love that they are best friends and there for each other all the time.  I love how they smile when they are together.

I'm sorry I lost Honey because she was my best friend.  She was my "forever girl".

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