Monday, July 30, 2012

Nicky's Bed

Nicky arrived on Monday afternoon last week with her gorgeous son Max.

She was standing on the sidewalk in a pair of shorts and Alex recognized her and Max before I did.  (Of course, with legs like Nicky's, every man in the row of cars was hoping he recognized her!)

We brought our charges home and got them settled in.  Max was thrilled with the wide variety of toys and such that we had for him to play with.  Although he loved his power rangers, he actually went crazy for a plastic rifle (machine gun?) and a plastic pistol.  Max is all boy!  He was a little bit shy for the first hour but soon relaxed enough to begin enjoying himself.

The only down side was that Zoe saw Max as the perfect playmate and would not leave him alone despite the fact that he screamed when she walked in the room.

A day or two later they were the best of friends and Max even allowed her to kiss him on the nose.  Still, I think Max preferred the rather sedate Harry who primarily sniffed him and found him acceptable and moved on.

Alex went out after something and came home with a bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet.  (He was showing off for Nicky as this is the most extravagant he ever gets.)  Actually I love her so much it was hard to keep from drooling when I looked at her.

Photos do not do Nicky justice in the first place.  She is tiny.  She has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen, the most perfect body ever created, and the prettiest lips you can even imagine.  Add to that her charm and sweetness and you get a small idea of how lovely and perfect a young woman can be.  Alex was totally in her thrall as well..  Not to sell Max short, he has his mother's beautiful lips, his handsome daddy's gorgeous face, and a personality that is well, just so French!  He made my heart sing!

We dined in the first night on chicken, rice and spinach.  Simple food but filling.  Before dinner, we also shared some magnificent cheese that Nicky brought with her and some petite agor that we had gotten before she arrived.  We drank some lovely wines and everyone went to bed relatively every since it had been a big day!

Considering that I already loved Nicky from knowing her the last 3 years, there were no surprises.  She was exactly how I knew she would be.  Perfect?  Yes.

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  1. And you are just as perfect! How thrilling you had this time together! Sounds like you had an amazing visit! As I said on Nicky's post, I am grinning ear to ear!