Friday, June 25, 2010

Squirrels, Plums, Wine, and Dawg Tour

There is a squirrel in my plum tree. You can see his tail right opposite the juicy red plum.

The squirrel eats half a plum and tosses it on to the ground. How rude is that? I have about 100 pretty red plums in that tree and this little bastard is thinking it's for him. They are not for him.

Harry is trying to do his job and keep the squirrel out of the yard, but the temptation is just too great. This is annoying me to no end. Alex! Where is the 22 rifle?

I wouldn't really mind as much if the squirrel was eating the whole plum. But he's a wasteful little vermin.

He also goes after the flowers on the trumpet vines. I don't really care about those flowers because there are so many of them and you can't eat them anyway. There are hundreds and hundreds of flowers. It really pisses me off that the squirrel has decided to throw flowers at Harry, but not nearly as mad as I am about my plums! Those plums are sweet and juicy and beautiful and I can even make plum jam out of them for heaven sake! Or I could try my hand at some plum wine!

I'm really sorry, but I think he needs to die. Okay, maybe not die, but have the fear of Harry put into him. I should have taken photos of Harry with his dead squirrel and posted them out in the yard.

I wouldn't even care so much if the damned squirrel took to eating our lemons. We get hundreds every year out of our two lemon trees. I actually thought about throwing a lemon at the squirrel up in the plum tree to give him a concussion (I mean, a chance to taste those yummy lemons).

Actually, Alex said to be careful what I wished for because squirrel is using the plums as hand grenades and if he used the lemons, he could actually do some damage.

We continued our Dawg Tour 2010 today by taking Honey and Harry to Livermore to the wineries. What a nice trip for them. It's about a 45 minute drive to one of our favorite wineries. They lollygagged while Alex and I tasted a few nice reds and bought a case for future consumption.

Here Harry is getting ready for wine tasting while Honey is enjoying the sun and the grass. Looks nice, huh?
They are both pretty happy with wineries and because Alex and I are wino's they get a lot of chances to hang out in them.

We only stayed at the Winery for about an hour, but it was much warmer than it is at home. Honey loves the green lawn and sun on her joints!

And Alex and I love going on short trips!

Livermore has a huge number of small wineries and while it's not as varied as the Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino wine country, it's not bad! (And it's a whole lot closer.) Napa is about an hour and a half to two hours from where we live, but if we don't hit traffic, Livermore is only about 40 minutes and it's a nice ride through vineyards, farm country, and charming small towns.

I think we are going to Bodega Bay this weekend. That's where the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" was filmed. Harry is very enthusiastic about the trip. He saw the film with us and found it to be unrealistic. We'll see.

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