Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inception, A Review of the Movie

Review: I didn't get it.

I have friends who have told me this is the best thing they have seen in a long time. The critics seem to like it or even love it in some cases. I sat for what seemed like 9 hours suffering from acute boredom, stuck butt-itis, restless leg syndrome, and the beginnings of a headache.

I have seen films I disliked more than this one, but not many of them because usually I turn off the straight to DVD stuff (like any movie starring Jessica Simpson). In this case, I had some expectations. Why do I do that?

The movie made no sense whatsoever to me. This guy, Leonardo DiCaprio, is going to insert some influential things (concepts/ideas) into dreams of unsuspecting other people. Okay. Then a bunch of people shoot and kill each other to wake up them from dreams. Then a bunch of people shoot and kill each other for some other reason but it really kills them forever.

Then gravity is defied. Then buildings collapse and storms happen and other stuff. All the things that happen are very loud. Everyone in the movie hooks up to some kind of a machine that either gives them drugs or electrical charges to make them dream. Then you have dreams within a dream. And then dreams within a dream within a dream. (Yeah, levels.)

Despite a good cast, the phrase "who's on first" kept coming to mind. And the ending does not tie any of it up for me. So for those of you who love it, now you know the truth that I am shallow and dumb and didn't understand the theme of the film at all. I really don't care.

After 9 hours, it ends. I'm not really sure how long the movie lasted, but I think it was very very long. And very very stupid.

End of Review.

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