Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moose Sheets

I would have never believed these things existed until I read Bony Mike's tribute to his. In Mike's comments, he praises "moose sheets" that are 100% cotton.

Michael said that these sheets were on sale and he bought them. What he did not say is if the sheets were for himself or for one of his children or perhaps for a "friend" or a simple person of his acquaintance.

When Nicky (We Work For Cheese) showed her passionate interest in these sheets and how to acquire them, Mike offered very generously to send her his set. Nicky, my pristine little love child, declined his offer which she called "sweet and a little creepy". I think that Mike was offering to give Nicky the very sheets off his bed is rather astounding, but not in an unpleasant way.

Now, I ask you, what are these two people talking about? Moose are marvelous creatures, I agree. But, what is the true charm of them except for the pleasure they give your mouth when you repeat the word "moose" forty times fast? Far be it for me to denigrate my dear friends idea of beauty, but moose? Moose are strong, resilient and plentiful and make great burgers but are they aesthetically pleasing? I submit that the answer is not particularly.

What is it about these beasts that make Mike and Nicky want to be covered with them when they sleep? I really can't get a straight answer out of either of them when I've posed the question.

Ziva, our Finnish goddess, seems to have more interest in acquiring reindeer sheets, but she's an intellectual. I do understand the siren call of the reindeer but not the moose. Judge for yourself.

Personally, I don't really like animal prints on my white Egyptian cotton 1000 thread count sheets. But that's me. I am neither an intellectual nor a moose advocate. Still of the two, I would have to vote with Ziva on this one.

My choice was shown in the post prior to this called "Guilty Pleasures" so I guess you know where I'm coming from.

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