Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Best Decison He Ever Made

Yes, I did wear a strapless leopard print bustier to my son John's wedding reception.

He married a young woman named Kate. At the time, I think I was hating to lose a son, and not realizing I was gaining a daughter.

In fact, it took me a few years to fully understand that I had gained more than I had lost. John and Kate have given me four of the most perfect and beautiful grandchildren ever. I have Hannah Rose, Emma Rose, Abigail Rose and Aidan Fitzgerald. It really does not get better than that!

Hannah, could leave home tomorrow, at the age of 16, join any army and be a General by the age of 20. Emma is also a stunningly beautiful girl and totally owns my heart. Abbey is a character and I adore her. Aidan is the most sensitive and intelligent little 9 year old boy who ever lived.

Back to my son's bride, Kate. She and I were "estranged" for years. I hated that but blamed her. What nonsense! I suffered from the normal "how could another female replace me!" syndrome.

Thank God it passed.

Life is so much better when you have love in it. Don't waste a moment of time on any other emotion. And they say, a son is a son till he takes a wife, a daughter is a daughter till the end of your life. Don't believe it!

My daughter-in-law, Kate, is the best thing that ever happened to me and my son. I adore her and I'm so glad she's mine!

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