Friday, September 10, 2010

I met A Man From Africa

I went to San Francisco today to take my darling Arianna to lunch for her 14th birthday.

On the way, I met a man from Africa. He was a good looking well dressed fellow. This man approached me and requested my help in navigating the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system.

I was very pleased to help him. He was a beautiful man, with very prominent scars on his face. He had a very clipped British accent and told me he was from Britain. He had the pronounced facial scars that said his origins were in West Africa.

I have had numerous friends from Africa, and I recognized the scars. When I told him this, he smiled and asked me if I was also a medical doctor. He explained that he was a doctor here for a medical convention. I explained that I was far too stupid to be a medical doctor.

He assured me that as kind and beautiful as I was, I must be far from stupid. I love it when that happens!

He went his way and I went mine. Still, for a tiny second, I thought about spending the day with him. Then I realized Arianna would be disappointed. And I took the other escalator.

He went his way and I went mine.

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