Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's All About The Toys

The Armani sports coat? Eh.

The Ferragamo shoes? Whatever.

The down rain jacket? Uh, okay.

The Burbury plaid scarf? Yeah, uh, it's nice.

Alex is sitting here with his new CB radio. Now he can listen to truckers, you know. That's something that might really come in handy. CB radios? I didn't know that truckers even used these any more.

Alex is listening to his solar powered radio, that features weather stations, or at least he's been talking a lot about weather stations. You can also charge your iPhone with this radio. It has a hand crank to power it if you don't use the solar power.

Alex also got a little plastic doodad to put his iPhone on in the dash of the car. What a great present!

I am so relieved that Alex does not buy toys for me. I don't like plastic stuff. I don't have any desire to hand crank a radio or listen to truckers on a CB radio.

I am very easy to shop for. I like white gold jewelry, cashmere sweaters, Prada pumps, fur jackets, Gucci bags, and Coco by Chanel perfume.

See how easy I am? Alex is so lucky I'm me!

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