Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wedding Dresses

Considering all the weddings I've had, it's weird that I have never tried on a wedding dress.

There is something about those fluffy, slinky, opulent and expensive dresses that scares me. I have never even dreamed of wearing one. Of course, it's not too late. I guess I still could, but I have a strong feeling I never will.

For my first wedding, I wore a white "cocktail dress". Another wedding I wore a cream colored tailored suit. Another wedding I wore a pale blue leather dress. I just could not imagine myself in any confection anything like the photo above.

I've been married in judge's chambers, and by a justices of the peace.

I did have one "church" wedding performed by a lovely Episcopalian minister named Max. There were a number of family members present and some friends. I've never felt so stupid in my life. I felt like a fraud and if I had been wearing a big billowy dress, I would have died of embarrassment right there at the alter. (If I had known where the marriage was headed, that might have been preferable to going through with it.)

After Alex and I married in Lake Tahoe, we went directly from the chapel to a place called "Carlos Murphy's" and downed double shots of tequila. We then went back to the condo where we were staying. I put on my gold lame teddy that was designed by Cher's stylist, Bob Mackie. We drank champagne and watched movies. I'm not traditional bride material.

My neighbor, Mary, called me this week. She wanted to invite me to her wedding. Mary's husband of 25 years passed away about a year and a half ago. She met a man and they are getting married in May. Mary is having a traditional formal wedding. It's her third marriage.

Mary will be wearing a long wedding gown with a train and a veil. She will have three bridesmaids and a matron of honor, plus a flower girl and a ring bearer. I was somewhat astonished when she mentioned there would be about 150 guests for the wedding and reception which would be held at a lovely local hotel.

I am thrilled and shocked in equal measures. A woman of 60+ does not usually have a big formal wedding. Nor do women usually have a big formal wedding for their third marriage. But if a woman wants to, she certainly should.

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