Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fascinating Women

Many years ago, I worked in the field of "high tech" at a start up company in San Francisco.

The Taiwanese owned company was an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that supplied computer monitors and keyboards. The president was a very interesting Chinese guy named Jack.

Jack hired a young lady who was an instant enigma to all of us. Her name was Gladys Ho and she was hired as an office manager. She looked a little out of place in the office because of her extreme glamorous style which every day included false eyelashes and amazing cleavage in very expensive clothing.

Gladys was not friendly in the slightest to most of the employees. She spent most of her time in Jack's office. Nobody ever saw her use a keyboard or answer a telephone. Three or four times a day, she would come by my desk and hiss "Come with me!" I would follow her out to her new Mercedes convertible and we would drive somewhere to get expensive coffee drinks.

I was about 37 or 38 at the time, and I think Gladys was a few years younger. She came from Hong Kong and lived in San Francisco's Chinatown were the only two things I actually knew about her. Oh, and she was boinking the company president. That was it.

I have never seen a wardrobe like Ms. Ho possessed outside of a movie. Nor had I ever met a woman so consistently glamorous. She sort of fascinated me.

About a month after Gladys was hired, a series of thefts occurred in the office. Wallets went missing out of bags and suit coats. A security team was brought in to talk to the employees. If the culprit was ever found out, nobody told me.

Another month passed and Gladys abruptly quit the job and was never seen again that I know of. Police officers did come in at one point to question people about her whereabouts because she was "wanted for questioning" in a police matter.

Who was this woman who had a taste for expensive clothes and coffee?

The photo is of some Chinese actress. But I wanted you to get the general idea of what she looked like even at 8 AM.

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