Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally, Spring


It seems like forever since the skies have been blue and the sun shining. It rained for 23 straight days and nights until two days ago.

The dogs were going nuts. No real exercise out in the pouring rain. I was going nuts. Why go outside at all when it's raining?

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the fish are swimming and it's about 70 degrees today and expected to get warmer tomorrow. Actually, 70 is a little warm for me. I like 67 and partly cloudy.

I'm feeling very disgruntled this year. My husband left me home alone while he visited family in Arizona last week. It made me hate him. Now, the sun is shining and he's busy at work in his San Jose office and I still harbor harsh feelings toward him. I guess I don't really hate him, but all he brought me home from his trip to Arizona was a stupid plastic key chain. I threw it at him and it landed on the floor. It was so boring the dogs didn't even want it.

I tried to get a friend of mine to run off to Cabo with me for a few days but he says his wife won't let him. I've invited various people to come and stay for a visit, but nobody has taken me up on it.

I'm bored to where I'm throwing popcorn at my cat for kicks. I'm even thinking of buying myself a nice condo in the heart of Paris. If I do that, I will go live there and drink wine all day and paint. (I am not artistic, but if it's my fantasy, I'll do it my way.) Maybe I can lure good looking men up to my lair telling them I want to immortalize them in oil! (They don't have to know I mean olive oil till they get there, do they?)

Maybe this is just "spring fever". Or maybe I'm actually having an epiphany. It's been at least 3 weeks now since I've had one so I'm not sure anymore. I'm not even sure I know what one is at this point.

I think maybe the problem is bathing too much. I never get dirty, so why bathe? I may just quit taking baths until I get good and dirty and have ants crawling on me.

I used to like the way I smelled. Now I don't smell like anything. Isn't that weird. If I put on perfume, I smell like "Coco" but other than that, I think I'm just too clean.

That's it. No more baths!

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