Monday, April 25, 2011

People Like Weird Shit

I know some people would think this was a weird oil painting.

I think it's a little eccentric, but very cool. I know the guy who painted it, and I bought it from him directly. Why do I like it? Well, it's not because of the cat.

I like it because it's a self-portrait of a man who sells books in my town. His cat was a fixture for many years at his sort of creepy used book store. The man himself is a little "odd", but I doubt that he's a serial killer or anything. He's just a little off-kilter. Oh, and I like the "Orphan Annie" eyes.

This painting is in my kitchen. It doesn't creep me out at all, but I do think it's funny.

We have fine art too. But whether it's a Marc Chagall signed lithograph or the famous New Orleans "blue dog", it has to speak to me.

Yesterday was Easter and we went to my son's for dinner. His wife Kate put together a lovely meal with bbq leg of lamb along with a lot of other wonderful things to eat. She had small white boxes with tiny chicks on top of them at all the place settings. When people asked her what was inside, she said "It's a secret". She let Alex take home some of the chicks because he really liked them. Kate also gave me a book by a guy from my town. I took a photo of these things because I love what they look like. (Oh, what was in the boxes? It's a secret.)

I have a neighbor lady who collects hand painted antique dolls. She has them piled up on an antique chase in her parlor. Those dolls creep me out so much that I can barely even walk in her house. Those flat eyes scare the hell out of me. There are probably 40 dolls or even more all lined up together. Ugh! That is horror movie shit to me.

I know another woman who had her cat stuffed after he died. She kept him in the bathroom on the toilet tank. This woman worked with me and dressed like a hooker from the 70's. She was not a hooker, but she was probably in her late 30's in the 70's. When I worked with her she was 60 and still dressed like a hooker every day. I thought she was actually pretty cool. Her taste in cat art, not so much though.

It's funny because if I like it, I think it's normal. It's other people who seem to like the weird shit.

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