Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Turtle Man

Alex got his passport renewed a while ago.

We all know that passport photos are just awesome. They use the best photographers at Walgreens! In fact, I may go to the guys there for some glamor shots.

I thought his photo was fairly good, compared to other photos I've seen. The DMV does sometimes take wonderful shots for us too, but they usually tend to make a normal person look like a deranged serial killer, baby rapist, and total degenerate.

When Alex grabbed his passport before he left, he looked at his image upside down and said "Jesus! I look like a turtle!" I protested that he looked nothing like a turtle but then I began to see what he was talking about. My husband does look like a turtle in this photo. I can admit this because in real life, my husband looks nothing like a turtle.

After laughing until my sides hurt, I tried to tell him that he really didn't look like a turtle. (I would never hurt my darling husband's feelings if I could avoid doing so.) The problem is that in this picture Alex looks exactly like a turtle with his head poked out of his green shell.

If I took a passport picture that made me look like a turtle, I'd never leave the country.

Have a nice trip, Turtle Man!

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