Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Was "Justified"

Now, I've done a lot of bad things in my days. Yes, I did sleep with the Tennis Pro.

On January 31st, I had lunch with Cynthia, one of my oldest friends. (She's not as old as me though.) I have known Cyn since she was about 7 and I was about 8 and 1/2. In fact, I knew her when we used to call her Cindy.

One of our rituals that we attempt to keep up is the annual "Birthday Luncheon". On Tuesday, January 31, we met for my birthday lunch. We discussed different places and since it was my "birthday lunch", I selected the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco.

We had a marvelous lunch and shared a wonderful pear tart with house made vanilla ice cream for dessert. Both of us felt fat and happy!

Since I got the gorgeous pale pink cashmere robe from Alex at Christmas, I was sort of interested in finding a pair of pale pink silk pajamas to wear with it. So we wandered over to the lingerie department. For a mere $150.00 dollars, I found a perfect pair of pale pink silk pj's. Cynthia found a wonderful pair of silk silver animal print pajamas as well. (I have to say, I was rather pleased. Cyn in the past has usually chosen "somewhat trampy" lingerie.) (Yes, we have done this before.) While I can appreciate the "crotchless panties" and so on, they are just a bit pedestrian for me. I could cut the crotch out of my panties if I wanted to, but to what avail? You can always just push them over to the side, if you are that kind of a girl, that is.

Now understand, I did not make that purchase lightly or with a feeling of jubilation. I was concerned over the frivolous nature of a pair of $150 dollar pajamas. But they were very pretty. And I felt like "what the hell, it is my birthday month". We settled on our purchases and went down to the next level. I saw a number of pairs of shoes that would have been wonderful, but give me a break, $700 shoes are hard to justify unless you find your partner cheating on you. $900 shoes are even harder to justify unless your partner is cheating on you with a boy. I used self-restraint.

We went to the street level and a young woman said "Please give me two minutes and I'll show you something amazing." Well, what the hey! "Amazing" is worth a quick look see. The young woman (all of 25) took me and my girl Cynthia over to her station at Christian Dior. Since Cynthia and I met in approximately 1954, do the math! We are both women "of a certain age". Well, blow me down, this stuff was pretty damn good at making "mature skin" look more "youthful". Both Cynthia and I were impressed.

When the young lady who worked for Christian Dior was finished with her demo, I was sort of hooked. I mean, give me a break. I am 66 and I now looked 46. Actually, I am 66 and many people have told me, I look 46 anyway. But never mind that. I bought the package. And I spent roughly $700 on it. Cynthia also bought the "package" and spent about $1200 on it.

If we are not looking 35 by Valentines Day, we are going back for a refund.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was really dreading telling Alex what I had spent. I was so relieved when he laughed and said the following words.

"It was justified."

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