Monday, June 25, 2012

Divine Intervention - Day 26 - Not Over Yet???

I had plans.

I was going to re-arrange my closet this afternoon.  I had a date with Marina to take the dogs to Coast Guard Island to run.  I was going to pull some weeds and pick up some plants for the garden.

Then I leaned over to pull on a pair of jeans, and I felt that horrible "Whap"!  Whatever my plans were, they aren't any more.  When the low back "whap" happens, life as I know it has changed for about a week (and not for the better!)  The pain is bad, but he spasms are worse.  There really is nothing to be done for it.  I just have to wait it out.

This occurs once or twice a year.  It's especially bad when I'm home alone because I have to feed the dogs.  That involves leaning over.  Oh, I could call someone to come and help me, but I'm in too much pain to be friendly.  Who wants to help somebody who gasps and screams with every slight movement?  I'm sure some folks would be glad to help me if that was my back and my butt featured.  But alas, it's not.  I got her off the internet because I thought she was cute.

So, Nicky, I should get an extra 500 points for this post.  I mean, really.

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