Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Praise Of The Full Figured Man

My husband Alex is not the tall skinny guy in this photo. He's the shorter, fuller, man with glasses. My personal preference in men's bodies is that they should be built like a fire hydrant and be well padded.

Height is not a requirement. Tall and skinny men involve getting entangled in all those spiky knees and elbows. In other words, Jude Law need not apply as my bed-warmer and full-body pillow. Now, Russell Crowe (if he's not too tall) might be all right.

Why some women have a fixation with tall thin men, I have no idea. I love men who are well-cushioned. In fact, I even love men who are a little on the "thick" side. I guess I'm about comfort more than speed. I'm not imagining it, but heavier men are better dancers. They also are better lovers. These men also look much younger much longer.

Just putting my arms around a man with some "substance" is so much more fun than holding a skinny guy.

I don't want to feel ribs. Ever.


  1. One of the officers I used to work with is a big man. BIG man. I don't mind a big sturdy man as long as they are neat and clean. He always smelled so good. Anyway at our office party I danced with him and absolutely could not believe how light on his feet he was. You're right about everything. I like a man with substance also. A skinny man is not sexy to me at all....unfortunately most of them think they are and often put down the shorter heavier guy.

  2. I like my men big too. Funny, my brother said that my then husband looked like Russel Crowe, I didn't see it but now when I look at a picture of Russel I do see a resemblance. I do like taller than me however, which isn't hard since I am pretty short.

    I have three rules when looking for a man

    1) he must be bigger than me in height and weight
    2) his hair must be shorter than mine (which isn't difficult either)
    3) he must spend less time in the bathroom and in front of a mirror than I do.

    as you can see my bar isn't set really high.

  3. I can't relate to my husband being short. He's almost 6'8" BUT when I met him he was only like 170 lbs.... WAY too skinny. He now wieghs about 225 and complains and I tell him I fattened him up on purpose... those skinny bones hurt! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll be back!

  4. Val, Alex is neat and clean! Hah! Yeah, I like a larger model over the skinny any day.

    Jen, your bar is plenty high. (Except he should also be able to carve a turkey, that is.)

    Peg, I loved your site! 6'8" Wow! Ummh, 225, is a start Honey!

    Trey, Yup! Big Boys Rule!

  5. I've never understood the appeal of tall skinny dudes either. Of course, I don't really understand the appeal of any dues. But, especially the tall, skinny ones. ;-)

  6. Jay, one would never question your orientaton!

  7. I agree. I would even rather have fat than skinny!!

  8. Now, if only there were some men out there that felt the same way about full-bodied women, I'd be in business!

  9. Gayle, Agree wholeheartedly!

    Cat Lady, of course they are out there! Don't let the stupid magazine pictures fool you . A lot of guys love their ladies "thick" too! Just like a steak, Honey!