Monday, February 8, 2010

Really Good News (Or Not)

As some of you might have read, I've been suffering from a shoulder ailment that has been giving me fits for a couple of months now. After it got so bad I was thinking of hiring a professional bra snapper, I went to the internist. He told me it sounded like a "rotator cuff tear" (whatever the Sam-hell that is) and it might have to be repaired surgically.

I had my visit to the orthopedic doc today and had xrays and an exam. Hooray, it's not a rotator cuff tear! It's a frozen shoulder. Where do they come up with these names? I got a cortisone shot in the shoulder, (never a truly good time) and was told I would need at least 6 weeks of physical therapy. Uh, okay. But as soon as I had the shot I felt better. Much better. Hooray! The doctor said "no, that's just the topical anesthetic which will wear off."

Yeah, there's that!

It has worn off and it hurts like a MoFo but should be better tomorrow. We went to my favorite Persian restaurant and my favorite Persian woman wait-person came and sat with me while I had a glass of wine. She's the bomb! Just looking at her made me feel better!

I looked up "Frozen Shoulder" on the internet. It's fairly nasty stuff so I didn't read much of it. I'm just glad the amputation that I had envisioned will not occur this time. I mainly stay away from doctors. I'm just sayin...


  1. So I guess it'll be a while before you can do the Pete Townshend "windmill" think on Guitar Hero?

    Take it easy. Shoulders take a while to heal. And when you start feeling better, don't try to do too much too soon. ;-)

  2. When I had my cortisone shot in my shoulder it lasted, well, forever... It just took care of the whole problem. Hope the therapy helps.

  3. Thanks Jay. I'm not going to boogie down tiil the weekend. Or maybe that's not happening either. I got home last night, caught my heel in the fringe on the oriental rug and fell with all my weight on my bad shoulder. Maybe that will break up the adhesions, huh! Damn! Coordination, thou name ain't Linda.

    Jayne I had this on the other shoulder 3 years ago, and the shot did the trick. This time scar tissue (adhesions) are showing up on the xray, thus the PT.

  4. Oh Ouchie! Glad there's no surgery upcoming...but I know it hurts...and like Jay says, shoulders take a while to heal so don't lose patience. Just take it easy and don't overdo when you start feeling like yourself again. Get well soon!

  5. Thank you Val! I'm keeping a splint on for a couple of hours for the next couple of day. (Wont' help with the Frozen Shoulder, but will help the contusions from last night's episode!) Aww!

  6. OMG! I cant believe that you fell on that shoulder. As if it wasn't in enough pain. I'm glad to hear it wasn't a rotator cuff tear. My grandma had that appen and it tooks a few months to heal. As for the professional bra snapper...I got a nice chuckle from that! Isn't that Alex's job? I put that kind of stuff in my wedding vows; it's in the small print.

  7. Linda,

    I am so glad to know you did not have an arm amputation.


  8. Ms. Cricket! I too am glad it isn't RCT because I'm afraid of needles but really hate knives! Alex is great as a bra fasterner but I dont' get up till nine and he leaves for work at 6 AM. He could always slip it on me and do it to me when I was alseep, (wouldn't be the first time!)

    Thanks Chris, but it was only my left arm. You know I'm a rightie!