Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Confessional

It's again time to put it all out there for Glamazon Mom!

I took a photo off the web after looking on Yahoo for "Good Looking Guy" free photos. Okay, I used this dude for my "Sexiest Man In the World" post. After I put it out there, I realized I really had not paid too much attention to who this dude is, other than a perfectly normal looking guy. Turns out he's some big old scientist professor someplace. Hell's bells. Okay, I sent him an email at the University and said, "I used it. I hope you don't mind." I have not heard back from him so it probably is okay. (I shoot first and ask questions later and that's not always good.) Of course, what man would really object to being the photo for an article titled that?

I was looking forward to having my husband Alex home today. He had to work after all because of a screw up and problem at work. Poor Alex. Poor Alex my ass! He has totally ruined my day! And I'm pissed about it.

I'm saving the cleaning of the kitty litter for him after he gets home. I never even wanted a damned cat to begin with! (Well, okay, I love the cat now, but why is his cat my job to clean up after?)

I'm sick of rain and I'm sick of cold and I want some nice weather. Is that too much to ask for, God? Is it?

I feel like going on line and ordering things for me! (We really are trying to cut back on expenses, but do I care?) Well, I sort of do care, and I sort of don't. I'm bored and spending money I don't have is fun!

These are my sins. Now I'll say the 5 Hail Mary's and log on to ebay.

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