Saturday, March 6, 2010

If It Doesn't Scare The Horses

I am often surprised when someone says or writes something about sex or lovemaking and they feel it might be shocking to me.

Do people really think that if you are over 40 years of age, you won't understand or be able to relate to their tales of sexuality?

Do they think you have been "cloistered" all these years and protected from the sweaty realities of sexuality in just about all it's forms? Seems funny to me that anyone would assume that advancing age means that you have somehow wiped your memory of all things sexual.

People under 40 did not invent sex. I lived in San Franciso during the "Summer of Love" 1967. I was old enough to know better (20) but too young to resist the lure. I have been married, divorced, lived with men, loved men, and participated in every form of lovemaking that you can imagine, (and some that you might not imagine).

No, dear, I'm not "shocked" when you talk about oral sex. I'm not shocked when you talk about anal sex. I'm not shocked when you talk about threesomes. In fact, if it doesn't scare the horses...

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