Friday, March 5, 2010

The Things We Do For Love

I've done a lot of things for money that weren't fun at all. But I sometimes have to wonder, which is worse? The things we do for money, or the things we do for love.

My husband Alex is perfect in every way (or every way that really counts that is). He's honest, hardworking, smart, funny (and has the worst taste in music and movies of anyone I've ever known). He is stuck in the disco era music wise and the stuff he listens to makes me shudder. If Alex isn't blaring disco-duck stuff, he inclined to go for what I can only call "groovy" (think Kenny G) music. Frankly, I don't know which one is worse!

I love Lady GaGa! I like lots of kinds of music, just not the kinds he listens to.

While the music is not to my liking, the movies are worse. There is not a "creature feature" movie that Alex does not want to see. There is not a vampire or werewolf movie that he does not want to see. And if there's a choice, he will choose the "shoot em up, blow em up, and f*ck em up" over anything out there.

I can dig Tarantino. His films are funny and violent, but hey! It's not the violence. I just can't take Bride of Chuckie meets Bride of Frankenstein. It's not because these flicks are frightening, it's because they are stupid!

There is a series on one of the cable channels that is called "Spartacus". Now this is bloody as all hell, but at least it's well scripted. Still, this is so mild compared to most of what Alex likes. Give him a film with buildings being blown up and a monster or a creature and he's happy. Even if it's animated, that's fine as long as there are the monsters!

The absolute worst part of this is that he WANTS ME TO WATCH THEM WITH HIM. And you know what? I do it. We watched "2012" the other night and I found it disturbingly stupid. He watched this movie in rapt pleasure.

Okay, this comes under the heading of "The things we do for love."

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