Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hump Day With Harry

The Thing About Vampires

See the guys in this picher? That's Dutch and Sansom. Dutch is the big red guy with the funny place down his back because he hunts lions. Sansom is the short fat funny looking guy.

These guys live next to me. Dutch is looking at me like he wants me to come and play. I won't do that right now because I'm worried about vampires.

Dad let me watch this movie with him the other day about vampires. Mom won't watch vampire movies but Dad loves them.

Honey just sleeps through the whole thing anyway. So we watched this movie and I got really scared. The only way to be a vampire is to bite one on the neck or let them bite you on the neck. And you have to invite them into your house. Dutch is looking at me like he wants to come to my house I think.

After you get to be a vampire then everybody runs around and tries to kill you all the time. I think they have to put a steak through your heart or cut off your head or something like that. I got a steak for Christmas last year, but I don't want one put through my heart.

I'm being really careful right now. The other day, I walked in the kitchen and there was this big orange dog in the oven at my house. I barked and barked and growled and ran into the oven front but he just did exactly what I did. He finally went away. That guy could not think I was inviting him into my house.

Last night it was rainy and windy. Mom and Dad went upstairs to go to watch tv and then go to bed. All at once I heard a big crash! VAMPIRES! I ran in the office and got under the desk with Honey. I was shaking all over. Dad came downstairs and opened the door to the back yard. I've never been so scared.

He came and told me that a plant had been knocked over in the wind. Oh I hope he didn't invite one of those vampires into my house. I'm not afraid of anything else but those vampires look like real trouble to me! And Dutch always likes to play biting necks. So for now, he'd better keep his distance. He's scaring me how he's looking at me with those eyes!

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