Monday, April 19, 2010

What The Bloody Hell!

Things were going along so nicely. I spent yesterday in the garden, working with Alex, playing with the dogs, listening to the Giants play the Dodgers! It was a great day!

The Giant's lost. No wild celebrations at our house. We had a quiet staid evening and went to bed about 10 PM.

I awakened at 3 AM and thought my nose was running. I reached for my tissue box. What the hell? I had a bloody nose! What's more it was an important bloody nose! The kind that makes you think "What the bloody hell!" I am fine with blood. I can clean up a dog's cut. I can clean up a person's cut. I can watch bloody slasher movies.

What I cannot do is deal with blood coming out of my nostril at an alarming velocity at 3 AM. There was blood on the sheets. Blood on the pillowcase. Blood on my nightgown. I attempted to pinch my nose closed to give it a chance to form a clot and then put my head up. I could feel blood running down my throat.

Okay, now I'm sorry to be so gross, but now I'm in full anxiety attack mode. My heart is racing. I think I may be strangling on my own blood! My pulse is jumping off my wrist. My husband is sound asleep beside me, snoring softly.

Because I was pretty sure I was dying, I turned on the light which was probably not my best idea ever. It allowed me to view the gore much more clearly and increase my blood pressure, heart rate and pulse that much more. By this time, the blood had pretty much subsided but I was still fairly convinced I was dying.

Alex finally rolled over and saw me sitting straight up in bed, blood all over the place, and clasping a tissue to my nose! "You okay, Honey?" he asked. (Alex is quick, I'll give him that!) I had trouble telling him what was wrong because of not wanting to let go of my nose.

By this time I 'm shaking from cold and probably going into shock from blood loss. I sat up like this for the rest of the night sort of waiting for the Grim Reaper to creep in the room. At some point, I must have dozed off.

Alex got up as usual and went to work. I thought "Oh, he knows I could be dying and he just goes off like everything is normal." Then I went back to sleep.

I'm fine now.

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