Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Am So NOT A Southern Belle

Alex is leaving next week for Georgia again. This got me to thinking about the huge differences between me and women from the South.

Southern belles have big hair. I have very small hair. Most of the women in my family have big hair.

My mom and her sister had downright "huge" hair. They both were very blond (aren't all Southern Belles blond?), and the hair was large and hairsprayed to absolute shiny gold perfection. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders had nothing on my mom and my aunt. Mom's family is from Oklahoma, and I think Oklahoma is second only to Texas for big hair.

Southern Belles fry fish. I have never fried a fish in my life. I can't even imagine frying a fish. I have baked, broiled, barbecued and sauteed fish, but never fried it or even eaten it fried. For that matter, I've never fried a chicken either. In fact, I don't fry. That has to be a Southern thing too.

Southern Belles think "Gone With The Wind" was a great movie. I think it was overly-long, cliched, and boring.

Southern Belles are gentle, caring and sweet, and usually quite beautiful. I am inconsiderate, loud, and demanding and frequently a total physical mess.

Southern Belles' are quietly conservative. I am a registered Republican, fiscally conservative, but otherwise socially liberal in almost all instances. I am not quiet over any of my views either.

Sometimes, I wonder if Alex would rather stay with the Georgia Peaches! Sometimes I'd rather go to Georgia and be with the Peaches!

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