Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday Confessional (Moved To Saturday)

Since I was too busy yesterday dealing with a messy life, I had to wait until today to do this cherished sacrament.

I want to send a shout out to my girl Glamazon and tell her that I'm sorry I'm late, but being a day late and a dollar short is how I roll!

Today, I'm not just concentrating on my own sins, but on the sins of others as well. (Yeah, I'm being judgmental and that's a big old sin right there, isn't it?) Okay, I never said I was sinless. I may have said on occasion that I was blameless, but that's not really the same thing is it?

* Why are people so up in arms that Miley Cyrus got grown up and sexy? She's 17. That's old enough to have a couple of kids as far as I'm concerned. Every other young lady in the industry is making mega-bucks because they have boobs and show them. Why shouldn't she? Oh, because she's a role model. Excuse me, role models are people like Mother Teresa and Queen Elizabeth or Madonna for goodness sake. If we are showing our kids role models from the entertainment industry, we are badly misleading them.

* Why does Hollywood show scenes of people having sex on the kitchen sink? Or on the kitchen table, for that matter? Now I'm just saying, of all the places in a house to have sex, the kitchen is not up there on my list of top 10 favorites. One scene comes to mind with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction". Right on top of the damned dirty dishes. Excuse me? I'm all for sex in the basement, sex in the garage, sex in the bathroom, sex in the parlor or office, even sex on the front porch, (with the lights out of course), but excuse me, sex in the kitchen is just nasty.

* There was something icky on my facecloth this morning. I don't have a clue what it was. I only know it did not come from me. Unh uh! No way. Now, since only two of us live here, along with our plethora of dogs and cat and fish, who do I get to blame. Nobody, that's who. Alex will look at me with a stupid expression on his face and say, "what did it look like honey?" He must have done it, but he lies. Not all the time, and not well, but he does lie. I cannot shoot him because it would involve time off work for him and God knows we can't afford that. So I'm seething with rage which is probably a sin.

*My neighbor put artificial turf in her back yard. She also put in all these fountains and had the whole area landscaped with plants, flowers, trees, etc. Woman spent a fortune. Makes me mad that someone who has a fortune would put in artificial turf. Again, I am seething with rage, but when she came to ask me to come and see it, I smiled and said "Oh I love it! Gorgeous, truly!" and lied through my little pointy teeth!

* We have a little orange kitty in our neighborhood who Alex has fed a couple of times. He (or she) is just skin and bone. The cat is probably about 5 months old and very friendly. Someone abandoned this cat and I would put that person in prison if it was up to me. The kitty appeared on my front porch yesterday and I fed it and gave it water. I also petted the poor baby. If you can't keep your cat or your dog, take them to the Shelter. Do not leave them to "fend for themselves". Again, this is rage inspiring.

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