Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Truth Will Set You Free

I usually try to tell the truth.

This is so NOT my bathtub. I wish it was though.

I find telling the truth is the simplest way to keep things straight. There are exceptions however. When someone asks me if I like their new dress, suit or shirt, I will almost always say yes. I may not really like it, but I'd rather lie than hurt someone's feelings. If I go shopping with someone, I will give a more honest answer about what I like on them. The deal is, sometimes we do lie for a good reason.

In the past, I might have told a lie or two to benefit my personal safety. ("He's my cousin, you fool!", might not have been exactly honest, but it was a better explanation than, "This is the guy I've been seeing behind your back, Darling.")

What always amazes me is people who will construct complex and convoluted stories for no real apparent reason. I have always shaken my head in wonder when I hear how far they go for some obscure rationale that totally escapes me. I know a couple of people who have told me totally outrageous lies and I have very seldom pointed out that I knew that what they were saying wasn't true. If it's important for them to believe that I believed them, it's kinder to let that assumption lie. Still, why one would do it is a mystery to me.

In my book, there are two good reasons for lying; one reason is kindness, and the other reason is self preservation. Period.

That said, I have been gifted by a couple of people with a lovely award called "Creative Writer, Blogger Award". I am honored that Nicole at "How Much Longer Till Friday" and my dear OOdozo at "When I Reach" both gave me this interesting and novel award. Both of these women are in my top 10 of favorite bloggers in the world so if you don't know them, please go check them out.

Now most of you know I have trouble following directions. The award asks that you list six things about yourself that are true and one thing that is a lie. In the alternative, you can post six lies about yourself, and one thing that is true.

So far, I'm with the program, so let's see how this goes.

1. I wanted to be a Catholic nun when I was between the ages of 7 and 11.

2. When I was 16, I had a Chinese boyfriend.

3. When I was 19, I was at my mother's house and my sister's date showed up to pick up my younger sister to take to his junior prom. My sister had gone out with someone else for the evening and stood him up. He was 16. I hurried up and got dressed and told him that I would go to the prom with him. I gave him the full prom experience and he later said it was the best night of his life. (Yes, his friends were envious.)

4. The first time I bathed my son in a little tub, he flipped over and landed face down in the water. I was too stunned to move for a moment. Thinking I had killed him, and my husband would be furious, I turned him back over to see. He was alive but somewhat pissed off.

5. I had two professional athletes and two fairly well known singers as boyfriends when I was young.

6. I got breast implants when I was 34.

7. I left my children and my neighbors children with my husband while she and I went out to dinner and a movie. I didn't mention to my husband that we were flying to Los Angeles from San Francisco for dinner.

I will tell you that I am also supposed to pass this award on. I'm only going to suggest to a couple of people that they might like to do this, but it's totally up to them. In some cases, I realize that people do not enjoy awards. Personally, I love them. If you want to play, please do, and if not, it won't hurt my feelings in the slightest!

I'm sending a shout out to Nicky, Mike, and Jepeto at "We Work For Cheese". Another to the beautiful Melissa at "Glamazon Mormon Mom", as well as to Peedee at "Queen of the Dogs", and last, but certainly not least, to Ziva at "Ziva's Inferno". If you guys would like to participate, please do so!

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