Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Confessional

I'm hooking up with Glamazon Mom for the first time in a couple of weeks. I've been slightly indisposed, what with trips to the ER, cat bites, mega doses of antibiotics, a missing husband and such.

Anyway, I'm back and ready to confess. Sort of. I have a quite a few things on my mind that might be in the nature of felonies and if I stated them here, that could prove premeditated later in court, so I'm not going to do that.

I confess:

I left the cat pee pee alone in the kids play room after he got upset with the new cat liter that Alex insisted on for him and started using the kids play room as a big old cat box. I did pick up the kitty poop but just closed the door on the room because I was afraid it would make me faint if I went in there. I'm saving all this for Alex when he gets home today. Welcome home Baby, now go get rid of the kitty pee odor. Is that bad?

Although the cat bite episode of last Friday left me somewhat shaken, and then annoyed to find out the straggly poor cat actually belonged to my neighbor, I was somewhat relieved I could quit looking in the mirror to see if I was foaming at the mouth. At least I can rest assured I don't have rabies. So if someone shoots me because they think I have rabies, you all can testify for me in court that I do not, and the shooter can go rot in jail for life. Is that bad?

I tried to post a comment on Glamazon's site about her shoe situation, but I am so impatient, I just couldn't wait to do it and the comments thingie wasn't cooperating. Never mind. I hate shoes all over the house. I have 100 pairs, and they are kept in my closet. But keep in mind, my closet is a room that the former occupants used as a kid's bedroom. My shoes are in racks. Alex has a closet closet and about 10 pairs of shoes. Why does he have 20 pairs of shoes scattered all over the house if he only has about 10 pairs? It makes no sense at all. For this I sometimes think about cutting his head off when he's asleep. Is that bad?

I'm training my dogs to viciously attack when men come in the back gate. I'm hoping they (gently) attack Alex when he comes in to let him know that he is traveling way too much and I'm sick of it. Is that bad?

I spent about 4 hours watching "The Real Housewives Of NYC" yesterday, including the after interview thing they have at the end of the season. I really dislike all of these women and find them petty, stupid, selfish, self-important and so on. Do I watch them just so I can "hate" on them? Is that bad?

Alex's plane has landed and he's in his car on the way home. I've taken nothing out of the freezer for dinner. I've been living on cat food, (or grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches) for two weeks. Taking me out to dinner tonight is the least he can do. After he cleans the play room of the cat pee, that is. Is that bad?

I went to visit the fish man yesterday and thought about it. (Yes, Nicky, I did.) But then decided to go for a hot dog for dinner instead. Is that bad?

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